About us

De Poda is part of a long family tradition based on our dedication to quality.

This quality reflects the work of three generations, inspiring us to strive for excellence every day as we support our customers every step of the way with professionalism and loyalty.

Our company seamlessly joins tradition and sustainable innovation to give our customers a unique, complete service from breeding to livestock trade.

Our highly qualified staff carefully selects all cattle from major European breeders’ associations, which are housed at our facilities, designed up to state-of-the-art animal husbandry standards.

We take excellent care of our animals, paying full attention to their health and comfort by respecting their natural cycles from the very start. Our livestock are visited daily by veterinary staff to ensure optimal health and top sanitary conditions.

We provide optimal transportation, using only well-designed modern vehicles, cleaned and disinfected before every new load to ensure optimal transportation conditions. Our transport is managed through qualified European logistics organizations by land, sea, and air to fit our customers’ needs and the animals’ destination.

We give all our customers personal attention, growing local, national, and international relationships, responding to all requests with professionalism, excellent service, and punctual efficiency.


The Cunevo facility is the Group’s administrative center, set seamlessly in the magnificent landscape of Val di Non.



The Verona center is in an area of major commercial importance. The site was recently remodeled and is still being expanded, providing our customers with constant livestock availability and logistical support.



Hemsbünde – Germany

Located in Hemsbünde, in Lower Saxony, our German subsidiary German Livestock Trading Gmbh coordinates the collection and selection of cattle in Northern Europe, enabling our Group to export cattle in more than 40 countries around the world.